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2 days / 1 nights




Day 1: Arrival at Hostal Factoria accommodation
Day 2: Flight to Antarctica



Upon arriving in the city of Punta Arenas will have included 04 consecutive nights of accommodation based on a double room. Passengers traveling alone will be considered a single room.

In your email you will receive directions to our offices and participate in the Antarctic briefing. Here you will meet the other passengers on the tour and will be welcomed by our host who will invite you to share a welcome cocktail.
Your arrival in Punta Arenas must be, at the latest, at 5:00 p.m. to be able to participate in the Antarctic briefing. Passengers who are not present at this meeting will not be able to participate in the contracted tour. It is mandatory.

The implementation of each program and its activities are subject to weather conditions and it will be the exclusive decision of the airline whether or not these can be carried out.

Incluye – Box lunch y cena.  


In the Antarctic configuration, King Air 30 only fly with 6 passengers and there are no toilets.
The Antarctic flight lasts approximately 2.5 hours depending on weather conditions.

  • 09 seats / 02 pilots.
  • Cruising speed 300 knots.
  • Maximum altitude 35,000 feet.
  • Pressurized cabin.
3 – 4  hrs
4 kms
Incluye – Desayuno, box lunch y cena.


A transfer will pick you up at the hotel to transport you to the Punta Arenas airport and board the flight to Rey Jorge Island.
Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our expert guide in the area who will take you to visit some of the most characteristic places such as Villas Las Estrellas (first site inhabited by civilians), Orthodox Church in Bellingshausen Russian Base, Fildes Bay where you will sail by boat. zodiac type to Ardley Island to visit penguin colonies (Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo) and other visits in the area.

After a 5-hour tour (subject to weather conditions), passengers will spend the night in an Antarctic shelter. The next day, other activities will be contemplated such as a visit to “La Elefantera” to see elephant seals and other species in the area, a walk to the “Great Wall” Chinese Base and, if weather conditions allow, visit other areas of interest before returning to Punta Arenas.

4 – 4.5  hrs
11 kms Incluye – Desayuno y box lunch.


This activity will be carried out only if weather conditions are suitable and safe for operation.

*A small backpack of 10 kilos (22 pounds) is recommended / Maximum weight allowed.
*All visits are based on walking.


  • Use the bathroom at the airport.
  • Bring your passport or identification document.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for this trip (ski or winter suit).
  • Bring cash (Chilean pesos or dollars)o purchase souvenirs.

NOTE: The order of the activities to be carried out will depend on the prevailing weather conditions on Rey Jorge Island. Visits, walks, and navigations may also suffer alterations.


  • Beanie
  • Fleece jacket
  • Water resistant jacket
  • Scarf or Buff
  • Thermal gloves
  • Ski clothing (waterproof)
  • Appropriate footwear.

*Consider dressing in layers and feeling comfortable and prepared to walk.
*Avoid heavy clothing.
* Don’t forget medications, if you take them.

4 – 4.5  hrs
11 kms Incluye – Desayuno y box lunch.

It is advisable to carry an extra pair of gloves and socks in case of any inconvenience. It is essential to have dry hands and feet to maintain body temperature. The ozone layer is considerably thin over Antarctica. You should be careful when exposing yourself to solar radiation. Use sunscreen before getting off the plane.

Upon entering the plane you will find a lunchbox type box on your seat. Due to the small space of the aircraft, it operates as self-service.

Once landed, our staff will be in charge of changing it for a new one for the return to Punta Arenas.

*For safety reasons we do not serve alcoholic beverages during the trip to Antarctica. However, these will be available for the return flight.

If, for any reason, the trip is or has been postponed for more than two full days, including the original date of the trip, making it impossible to do it within the period established by contract, then the Overnight will automatically become Full Day, without spend the night in Antarctica, thus being able to try until the last day to do the Full Day. In this case, passengers will receive a refund corresponding to the price difference between programs. The Terms and Conditions for a Full Day will apply in this case.

NOTE 1: At the time of requesting the reservation we will send you a form (Adventure Booking Form) which you must complete with ALL the information requested. This is mandatory to manage the reservation.

NOTE 2: Meals and drinks are included during the program. It is mandatory for each person to indicate in advance on the reservation form if they have dietary restrictions or special needs.

INSURANCE: the included civil liability insurance covers passengers while they are on the plane and when going up or down the stairs to access the plane, therefore, the passenger must have the necessary insurance to cover any civil liability derived from damage that may be suffered when outside the plane; likewise, you must have rescue insurance that covers a potential Aero-evacuation from Antarctica. We inform you that our Company does not sell or provide any type of personal insurance. Passengers must take it directly with an Insurance Company.

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