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The Classic Antarctica air-cruise is our most popular Antarctica expedition itinerary. Once arriving by flight to Antarctica, you will sail between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Enjoy seeing ice-filled fjords and spectacular icebergs, while spotting penguins, seals, and whales that call the White Continent home.

The Classic Antarctica air-cruise is available on all our expedition ships.

  • Exclusive group transfers Punta Arenas Airport- Hotel Punta Arenas on Day 1.
  • One overnight with breakfast in Punta Arenas at the Cabo de Hornos Hotel or similar, with a welcome dinner including drinks on Day 1.
  • One overnight with breakfast in Punta Arenas at the Cabo de Hornos Hotel or similar on the day of the scheduled return flight from Antarctica.
  • Special access to Explorers House.
  • Exclusive group transfers airport/ hotel on the day of the scheduled return flight from Antarctica, exclusive group transfers hotel/airport on the last day of the air-cruise.
  • Flight from Punta Arenas to Frei Station on King George Island and vice versa.
  • Ship cruise as indicated in the program.
  • Daily buffet breakfast and lunch on board the ship offering a wide choice of dishes.
  • Dinner served daily on board the ship offering a choice between one of three main courses.
  • Wine, beer, juice, and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board.
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, water, and snacks on board the ship throughout the expedition.
  • All guided shore excursions.
  • Lectures and entertainment on board.
  • Comprehensive pre- and post-voyage information material.
  • Loan of waterproof boots for landing in Antarctica.
  • Contingency Plan as described on page 39.
  • IAATO passenger fee.

Anything that is not specifically listed under the “Included” section. For example:

  • Accommodation, meals, excursions, and transfers other than those included in the itinerary and the Contingency Plan corresponding.
  • Specifically, dinner in Punta Arenas upon return from Antarctica is not included.
  • Beverages purchased at the ship’s bar.
  • Internet connection on board the ship.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Extra expenses (communication, laundry, souvenirs, etc.).
  • Gratuities.
  • Visas for Chile and/or Argentina, passport expenses, and any arrival and/or departure tax, if applicable.

Consult prices with our sales agents at:

  • You must plan to arrive with a flight that is scheduled to land in Punta Arenas no later than 2 PM on Day 1 of the itinerary. The same deadline applies to travelers arriving directly at the hotel on Day 1. That afternoon, all travelers must attend a mandatory safety and Antarctic guidelines, briefing and an information session covering important practical details. You must also attend a fitting session for your expedition boots. Participation in these activities is essential for the success of the expedition.
    Travelers who miss the 2 PM arrival deadline will be considered “no-show”, and they will not be able to participate in the expedition and will receive no refund.
  • Remember that scheduling tight connections is never wise when traveling to remote places with limited services. Protect your travel investment by building some buffer in your travel plans in case of problems with luggage delivery, flight delays, etc. In case your flight to Punta Arenas is delayed for reasons beyond your control, we will do everything possible to accommodate your late arrival. However, we cannot assume any responsibility for any resulting complications, including your inability to join the expedition. We recommend that you purchase a trip cancellation and interruption insurance policy to cover this risk.
  • We strongly suggest that any travel plans made for the last day of the expedition do not start until the late afternoon and that a flexible air ticket be held for your journey home in case you need to change your travel arrangement following a delay of the return flight from Antarctica. Please ask your travel consultant for assistance.
  • SEASON 2023-2024
    • Dec 17 – 24, 2023
    • Jan 17 – 24, 2024
    • Jan 22 – 29, 2024
    • Jan 27 – Feb 3, 2024
    • Feb 1– 8, 2024
    • Feb 6 – 13, 2024
    • Feb 11 – 18, 2024
  • SEASON 2024-2025
    • Dec 2, 2024
    • Dec 7, 2024
    • Dec 12, 2024
    • Dec 17, 2024
    • Dec 22, 2024
    • Dec 27, 2024
    • Jan 17, 2025
    • Jan 22, 2025
    • Jan 27, 2025
    • Feb 1, 2025
    • Feb 6, 2025
    • Feb 11, 2025
  • All excursions are subject to weather conditions. In case of any cancellation of activities, alternatives will be provided.
  • Excursions order might vary according on the arrival day due the minimum of passengers to make the hike to the Base of the Towers.

Over these years we have gained extensive experience in the delicate coordination of land, air, and sea operations in the extreme Antarctic environment. While historically most flights have operated on the scheduled day, in some instances weather conditions have required that adjustments to the departure time of Antarctic flights be made to avoid protracted delays. In the unlikely event that the flight to or from Antarctica cannot take place on the scheduled day due to unfavorable weather conditions, we will apply a Contingency Plan.

The Contingency
Plan is included in the cost of your expedition. The primary goal of the plan is to provide an engaging and comfortable travel experience while we adapt to the weather and we keep you informed of developments, whether in Punta Arenas or Antarctica. A change in the flight schedule can impact travel to Antarctica or return to Punta Arenas, and the plan includes a range of activities determined by the circumstances. Additionally, the Contingency Plan offers you financial protection by  providing a refund should weather conditions prevent us from reaching Antarctica.

In case the outbound flight to Antarctica is moved forward
In some cases, it may be necessary to move forward the Antarctic flight to the afternoon or evening of Day 1 of the itinerary. This will result in an early departure from Punta Arenas and early arrival in Antarctica. It is one reason why it is important that guests arrive in Punta Arenas by 2 PM on Day 1 of the itinerary. Travelers who miss the 2 PM arrival deadline will be considered “no-show.”

In case the outbound flight to Antarctica is delayed
The group will remain in Punta Arenas while waiting for an improvement in the weather and for the opportunity to fly to Antarctica. Included are accommodation, meals, and, when possible, based on the circumstances, guided excursions to local attractions. If by 2 PM on Day 4 of the itinerary it is still impossible to depart for Antarctica, the trip will be interrupted, and the cruise fare will be refunded.

In case the return flight to Punta Arenas is moved forward
In those cases when the forecast suggests the likelihood of unfavorable weather conditions in Antarctica persisting for several days, the flight back to Punta Arenas may be moved forward to the previous day to avoid a protracted delay in Antarctica. Accommodation is included upon arrival. All other inclusions will remain per the original itinerary. No refund will be extended.

In case the return flight to Punta Arenas is delayed
The group will remain in Antarctica and wait for the opportunity to fly to Punta Arenas. In the unlikely event that the delay exceeds 2 days and the weather forecast indicates the impossibility to fly over several more days, the captain of the vessel may decide to sail back to South America for safety reasons. Included are meals and accommodation on the ship and local excursions. Upon arrival in Punta Arenas, the trip will end at the airport. Travelers are responsible for any expenses associated with the rescheduling of
their airline tickets or onward travel plans.


Day 1: Start of the air-cruise

Arrive in Punta Arenas, Chile, before 2 PM, where you are welcomed by Antarctica21 staff and transferred to your hotel. In the afternoon, you are welcomed at Explorers House to attend a mandatory briefing that provides important information about your air-cruise and reviews the essential guidelines for Antarctic visitors. Later, gather for a welcome dinner and meet your fellow adventurers while enjoying a typical regional menu.

10 hrs
17 km
Included – Box lunch and dinner.

Day 2: Scheduled flight to Antarctica

Your Antarctic adventure begins with a two-hour flight from Punta Arenas to King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands. As you exit the airplane, the clear Antarctic air fills your lungs for the first time. You then walk 2-km (1.25-miles), passing Chile’s Frei Station and Russia’s Bellingshausen Station to reach the shore and board a Zodiac that will take you to your boutique expedition vessel.

10 hrs
Included – Breakfast  

Day 3-6: Exploring Antarctica

Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and among spectacular icebergs, while enjoying the company of seabirds, penguins, seals, and whales. Each day disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides. On board the ship, attend an engaging program of educational presentations, and enjoy spectacular views from the lounge while sharing your daily adventures with fellow guests. No journey is the same and flexibility is the key to success in Antarctica. The Expedition Team plans the voyage route to take advantage of the ever-changing opportunities provided by nature, crafting a unique and extraordinary experience every time. While the exact itinerary changes with each expedition, you will explore several sites that offer the best possible overview of the varied Antarctic environment. Your voyage may include visits to sites in the South Shetland Islands, the Antarctic Sound, the Gerlache Strait, and the Penola Strait.

8 – 10 hrs
22 km
Included – Breakfast and box lunch.

Day 7: Scheduled return flight from Antarctica

Return to King George Island and bid farewell to Antarctica before boarding the flight back to Punta Arenas. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel for the night. (Note: Meals in Punta Arenas are at your leisure and not included in the program).

4 – 4.5 hrs
11 km
Included – Breakfast, box lunch ando dinner.

Day 8: End of the air-cruise

After breakfast, transfer to the Punta Arenas airport for your onward flight.

4 – 4.5 hrs
11 km
Included – Breakfast, box lunch ando dinner.



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