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Paine Grande camping & refuge

Paine Grande camping & refuge

Check in: from 01:00 pm
Check out: 09:30 am

On the shores of Pehoé Lake there is an incredible refuge, with beautiful views of the Paine Horns and the Paine Grande Hill. It is the starting point of the route to the French Valley and the path to the Grey glacier.

Paine Grande refuge is open from September to April.


– Pudeto – Pehoé catamaran (30 mins of navigation approx.)
– Italiano (Ranger Station) – Paine Grande trail (7,6 km – 2,5 hrs app – Low difficulty)
– Grey – Paine Grande trail (11 kms – 3,5 hrs app – Medium difficulty)
– Las Carretas – Paine Grande trail (Administration – Paine Grande, 17 kms – Medium difficulty)*

*IMPORTANT: this trail is used to enter and exit, to and from the Park Administration to Paine Grande. During high season, the path is only enabled to leave the park (check with CONAF for the enabling of the trail).


Our refuge has capacity for 100 passengers daily in shared mixed dorms with bunk beds, that are divided between simple beds (with mattress cover, pillow and pillow case) and beds with bedding (mattress cover, sheets, pillow with pillow case and cover). Simple beds are ideal for those who prefer to travel with their sleeping bag, while the beds with bedding are designed for those who prefer to sleep like at home and walk through the park without that extra weight. All our dorms have lockers so you can storage your most valuable items (remember to bring your lock!).

Rates 2023 – 2024 season (September 01st, 2023 – April 30th, 2024)
Simple bed: US$65.00
Bed with bedding: US$100.00
Additional service
Bedding kit (per night, per person): US$35.00

US dollar rate only valid for foreigners not resident in Chile, presenting a valid passport and entry card to the country. Check conditions when booking and paying.


Paine Grande campsite can receive up to 260 people daily. It has a cooking area protected from the wind (quincho) in case you want to prepare your own food and bathrooms (separated man / woman) with hot-water showers.

Our camping equipment rental service (set-up tents, sleeping bags and mats) is available to book in advance. This option is very convenient for those who want to enjoy their adventure without carrying extra weight.

Rates 2023 – 2024 season (September 01st, 2023 – April 30th, 2024)
Camping site (per night, per person): US$13.00
4-seasons tent (up to 2 people, per night): US$40.00
Sleeping bag special for the climate of the area (per night, per person): US$25.00
High density foam mat (per night, per person): US$12.00

US dollar rate only valid for foreigners not resident in Chile, presenting a valid passport and entry card to the country. Check conditions when booking and paying.


Same sex bathrooms with cold-water sinks, toilets and hot-water showers.

Functioning hours
Bathrooms: 24 hrs
Showers: 12:00 (noon) – 10:00 pm


The refuge has a casino-style restaurant that offers a buffet with a hypercaloric offer focused especially for those who trek in the park, where they can find protein options, side dishes, salads and desserts for dinner. Breakfast is American style buffet. Regarding lunch, at the time of check in it is important to specify if you prefer to have lunch at the refuge or leave a requested box lunch so you can take it with you to your trekking and have lunch outdoors (remember to take your garbage with you!).

There is also a cafeteria service, with coffee, tea, sandwiches and pizzas. Dinner must be reserved before 03:00 pm.

Rates 2023 – 2024 season (September 01st, 2023 – April 30th, 2024)
Full board (dinner, breakfast, lunch/box lunch, in that order): US$80.00
Breakfast: US$25.00
Lunch or Box lunch: US$25.00
Dinner: US$40.00

Special dates
Christmas’ Eve / New Years’ Eve supplement: US$30.00
Services hours
Breakfast: 06:30 – 09:00 am
Lunch: 12:00 (noon) – 02:00 pm
Dinner: 06:30 – 09:00 pm

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NoteThere are alternatives for celiacs, vegans and vegetarian prior notice at the booking time. US dollar rate only valid for foreigners not resident in Chile, presenting a valid passport and entry card to the country. Check conditions when booking and paying.


Located on the second floor of our restaurant, the Paine Grande bar offers a beautiful panoramic view from Pehoé Lake through the Paine del Paine Horns to the imposing Paine Grande Massif, where you can enjoy our wine list, beers and delicious cocktails.

Functioning hours
03:00 – 10:30 pm


Exclusively for refuge guests, they have slow-burning wood heating and armchairs to rest after a day of adventure on the Trails of Torres del Paine. Sit back and relax in one of our many lounges areas after a day full of adventures!


You will find everything you need to cook in case you want to cook your own food, including provisions in general, chocolates, energy bars and cookies, among others. You will also find souvenirs and mountain equipment. In the coffee shop you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, muffins or a nice hamburger with a cold beer if you prefer.

Functioning hours
07:00 am – 10:00 pm


For those who prefer to prefer to cook their own meals, we have a designated area for this that is protected from the wind and rain since it is not allowed to cook inside the refuge, tents or outdoors.

Functioning hours
07:00 am – 10:00 pm


Next to the camping area is sour terrace, where you can enjoy everything our Coffee Store offers with a stunning view of the Paine Grande Massif.


You will find electric outlets available in the dorms and living room (exclusive for guests). At night there is no electricity to save energy.

Functioning hours
06:00 am – 12:00 am (midnight)


Custody service available for guests.
Locker service rate: $4.000 per backpack*
*This service is free of charge for the guests of the refuge.


There is no cell phone service in the entire park. In Paine Grande refuge we offer an hourly Wi-Fi service that you have to pay through your PayPal account. Please check the rates at the Front Desk.