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Glacier Grey and Grey Lake: A perfect match in Chilean Patagonia

Glacier Grey sits inside Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia located in the Southernmost region of Chile. Glacier Grey is part of the Southern Patagonia Ice Field and is approximately 30 meters high, 6 kilometers wide and is divided by a nunatak. 

A “nunatak” is a piece of rock or mountainous peak that is surrounded by ice and is the result of years of glacial erosion. It is normally abrupt, uneven and hard and creates a great contrast in the middle of the ice structures of the glacier. The term “nuntak” has been used since 1880 in European languages from their early expeditions. 

This particular Patagonia glacier has an intense blue color, thanks to how blue light waves are dispersed in its ice. In some small areas there is a grey coloration, produced by glacial erosion and rock fragments that slide under the glacier both polishing its structure and merging with it. This effect leaves a particular grey tone to its surrounding water, giving rise to its name, Grey Lake.

Grey Lake is a pro-glacier lake and its surface is dotted with large fragments of ice that have broken off of Glacier Grey. These beautiful, blue icebergs are best seen sailing through the cold, grey water or while walking alongside the shores of Grey Beach. Grey Lake originates from the melting waters of Glacier Grey and has a length of 16.5 kilometers, an area of 3,250 hectares and a maximum width of 4.25 kilometers.  

Grey Lake is located in the middle of a protected natural area and has capes, peninsulas, coves and irregular contours. The murky tone of the water is due to the glacial silt that erodes from Glacier Grey. Due to its large dimensions, Grey Lake is bordered by the largest mountain in Torres del Paine National Park, Mt. Paine Grande, and on its other side, Mt. Ferrier. 

Come visit the beauty of Glacier Grey and Grey Lake onboard the Grey III navigation or for the more daring, kayak through its massive icebergs or hike on top of its ancient ice! The adventure in Chilean Patagonia awaits you!