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Chile reopens its doors to the world

On October 6th, 2021, at La Moneda Palace, the deputy secretary of Health, Paula Daza, together with the deputy secretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte, announced changes in the Protected Borders Plan, highly anticipated by all those who work in the tourism industry and by travelers who want to visit our country. All these changes will take effect from November 1st, 2021.

The first change is that, from November 1st, all those who enter to Chile with a Mobility Pass or a certificate of homologation of vaccines will be able to finish their quarantine sooner. The requirement to access this benefit will be to have the negative result of a PCR test taken when entering Chile.

It is relevant to highlight the process of homologation of vaccines, since it does not end when requesting it, but it is important to wait until it has been accepted. Only there can you start the trip and you will be allowed to enter the country (the process can take time, so it is recommended to do it in advance and not from one day to the next). Once in Chile, all health protocols will be taken and they will be required, once active, the Mobility Pass as to all Chileans.

As for the requirements to enter the country, those already informed are kept. Chileans and resident foreigners who enter through any of the authorized airports must have their C19 Traveler Affidavit, which must be completed up to 48 hours before boarding. In addition, they must have a negative PCR taken up to 72 hours before embarking for Chile.

For non-resident foreigners, they must validate whether vaccination scheme on the website , submit an affidavit at least 48 hours before boarding on the website , have a negative PCR of up to 72 hours before the trip and medical insurance with minimum coverage of US $ 30,000.

Finally, all those who enter Chile must perform a period of tracking travelers, reporting their location and health status for 10 days after their entry into the country. In addition, they must be willing to be tested in the BAC (Active Case Search) operations of the airport and / or during the follow-up period.