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Connection with nature: A unique experience in Chilean Patagonia

The vegetation, biodiversity, fauna and the beauty of the landscapes found in Torres del Paine National Park are capable of enveloping its visitors in a unique instance that will fill them with emotion and relaxation. Vertice knows very well this enriching opportunity and that is why it is an excellent company to live this inspiring experience.

Being in front of a majestic, beautiful, imposing landscape, gives the possibility to stop time, take a deep breath and leave the mind blank to simply enjoy. Seeing an animal in its natural habitat or trying to decipher the height of a native tree can definitely become an overwhelming moment, one of those that fill the soul.  Sharing such a minute with a loved one can be even more exciting.

Nature provides important ecosystem services to all living beings, it provides water, food, shelter; it supports different processes such as photosynthesis and climate regulation. Benefits that directly or indirectly reach human beings without warning. It is not until you are in front of a wonderful scenery, such as the one offered by Torres del Paine National Park, that it becomes tangible that it is so good to go out and explore the outdoors.

Undoubtedly, the biodiversity of Chilean Patagonia, due to its geography and climate, makes it even more unique and fully deserving of being considered among the wonders of the world with the Torres del Paine National Park. A place where nature meets all the requirements to complement human welfare with artistic and cultural inspiration, and clear benefits for physical and mental health.

With nearly 230,000 hectares, Torres del Paine National Park receives more than 250,000 visitors a year, according to the records of the Corporación Nacional Forestal (Conaf), captivated by the unparalleled beauty of this place and the species that inhabit it. Vertice offers the best options for lovers of trekking, nature and unforgettable adventures, its services include lodging and food.

Among glaciers, massifs and lakes there are extensive native forests of lenga, the most predominant tree in the region that to reach 25 meters high must survive at least 80 years; or calafate, a thorny bush with purple fruits that can be consumed fresh, in sweet preparations or even in a delicious appetizer.

The strong wind and low temperatures prevent the presence of dense vegetation, but among the steppe and hard grasslands you can see rheas, guanacos, huemules, foxes, some rodents and, if you are lucky, a puma in action stalking a new prey camouflaging itself in the middle of nature.

Walking through the different trails of Torres del Paine National Park you must open your eyes wide to not miss the opportunity to see the diversity of birds; in the trees you can enjoy the presence of the famous kingfisher or the black woodpecker, and near the water, flamingos and black-necked swans. Finally, from the height of the massifs, where the green is almost non-existent, the majestic Chilean condor takes flight, extending its 3.5 meters of wings to fly over the steppe and check if there is anything for dinner.

Just as enjoying the natural heritage that Chilean Patagonia has to offer is of immeasurable value, the responsibility to care for it is even greater. The Vertice team is committed to protecting this biosphere reserve and ensuring that future generations of visitors can enjoy the same inspiring experience of admiring nature in this majestic landscape.

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